Welcome To Future Fire Safety Design & Innovation 2023

We are delighted to announce the return of the 5th Annual Fire Protection of Rolling Stock webinar series this coming December, promising to be our most extensive series to date!

Drawing upon five years of success, this unique collection of stand-alone technical webinars will once again bring together prominent global rolling stock operators, manufacturers, and leading component and material suppliers. Over the course of five days, attendees will engage in discussions around the most significant challenges and opportunities within the rolling stock fire protection sector.

This webinar agenda will provide a comprehensive overview of innovations and advancements related to EN 45545-3 in the context of rolling stock fire safety. Attendees will gain insights into the latest technologies, materials, and strategies for enhancing fire safety in rail transportation, as well as practical guidance for compliance and implementation.

Featuring essential tech talks and dialogues with industry experts, as well as leading material, technology, and solution providers, the series will address both the technical and strategic innovations impacting the rolling stock fire protection and safety sector. We will delve into innovative processes, maintenance protocols, and safety measures within the framework of current standards.

Attendees will gain valuable insights into material, technology, and system innovations, regulatory updates, and the latest developments in rail technology that are propelling the industry forward.

This is an unparalleled opportunity to connect with global fire safety leaders and explore how the industry can continuously enhance fire safety, both in the present and as we look to the future. We eagerly anticipate your participation in this vital event.

| Key Topics

  • Advancements in Fire Behavior and Containment
  • Enhancing Fire-Resistant Materials for Rolling Stock
  • Innovations in Fire Containment Systems
  • Fire-Resistant Material Advances for Rolling Stock Interiors
  • Reducing Toxicity in Rail Fires
  • Advances in Fire Suppression and Control Technologies
  • EN 45545-3 Compliance Challenges and Opportunities
  • Successful Implementation of EN 45545-3 Innovations
  • New Approaches to Seating and Upholstery Fire Safety
  • Systems Integration to Meet EN 45545-3 Standards
  • Testing and Certification for EN 45545-3 Compliance

The ignition and spread of fire in rail applications is one of the most important considerations for rolling stock designers and manufactures. For this reason, rail engineers and technologist are always actively looking for materials that are flame-retardant in nature, but also able to reduce the spread of flames when ignition has already taken place.

Authored in partnership with the leading global manufacturers, this series of individual, content lead – technical webinars, takes an in-depth look at the biggest challenges regarding fire protection and safety in rolling stock today.

The sessions provide insight and technical information on the latest fire safety and fire protection materials and systems available for all types of trains; including underground, metro transport services and rail freight, providing operators and manufacturers with the most comprehensive coverage of material and technology innovations, fire prevention, fire detection, fire suppression and fire alarm systems for all types of rail transport.

The development of the updated standards has brought significant changes and challenges to rolling stock, across train builders, operators, certification bodies, regulators and component manufacturers. A core part of fire safety rests on the use of materials that limit fire development and also produce low levels of smoke and toxic fumes in the event of a fire.

WeRail Group has established a worldwide leading position in delivering events for the rail sector, combining its entire know-how especially in the area of rolling stock technology to curate a series of webinars, specifically for our 1000,000 rail members for whom fire protection is their key challenge and responsibility.

All of our webinars are free to attend, presented live and are interactive.

If you can not make a session at the scheduled time, register anyway and we’ll send you a link to access On-Demand!

| Snap Shot: Who Attended Last Year

Fire Safety Engineer, Safety Manager,Maintenance Engineer, Fire Safety Inspector, Material Scientist, Risk Assessment Specialist, Safety Compliance Officer, Emergency Response Coordinator, Safety Trainer, Materials Procurement Manager, Safety Analyst, Fire Safety Consultant, Chief Engineer (Fire Safety), Facility Manager, Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Manager, Fire Safety Specialist, Safety Auditor, Maintenance Technician, Fire Safety Coordinator, Materials Testing Engineer, Rail Safety Investigator, Fire Safety Compliance Manager, Emergency Preparedness Specialist, Fire Suppression System Technician, Health and Safety Administrator, Rail Safety Trainer, Fire Safety Planner, Fire Safety Analyst, Safety Compliance Specialist, Fire Safety Project Manager, Safety and Risk Management Analyst, Fire Safety Training Coordinator, Maintenance Planner, Hazardous Materials Specialist, Fire Safety Regulatory Analyst, Fire Safety Systems Engineer, Safety Data Coordinator, Fire Safety Technology Specialist, Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Director, Fire Safety Education Coordinator, Safety Inspector Supervisor, Emergency Response Planning Specialist, Fire Safety Policy Analyst, Safety Liaison Officer, Rolling Stock Design Engineer, Rolling Stock Mechanical Designer, Electrical Rolling Stock Designer, Interior Rolling Stock Designer, Exterior Rolling Stock Designer, Rolling Stock Structural Engineer, Rolling Stock Systems Engineer, Rolling Stock CAD Designer, Rail Vehicle Designer, Rolling Stock Interior ArchitectAerodynamics Engineer, Rolling Stock Design Manager, HVAC Systems Designer, Materials and Components Designer, Safety Compliance Engineer, Accessibility Designer, Interior Lighting Designer, Seating Designer, Crashworthiness Engineer, Ergonomics Specialist, Rolling Stock Interior Layout Planner, Systems Integration Engineer, Safety Certification Specialist, Aesthetic Designer, Sustainability Engineer, Compliance Analyst, Simulations Engineer, Railway Vehicle Configuration Manager, Rolling Stock Prototype Engineer, Digital Twin Designer, Human Factors Engineer, Cost Estimator, Design Verification Engineer, Interior Fixture Designer, Exterior Graphics Designer, Testing and Validation Engineer, Sound and Noise Control Engineer, Product Lifecycle Manager, Prototype Test Engineer, Sustainability Compliance Manager, Purchasing Manager, Procurement Specialist, Materials Planner, Supply Chain Analyst, Logistics Coordinator, Demand Planner, Category Manager, Inventory Control Specialist, Sourcing Analyst, Production Scheduler, Supplier Relationship Manager, Contract Administrator, Master Scheduler, Procurement Coordinator, Warehouse Manager, Planning Engineer

| Snap Shot: A Truly Global Audience

Deutsche Bahn (DB) – Germany, SNCF (Société Nationale des Chemins de fer Français) – France, Trenitalia – Italy, Renfe Operadora – Spain, ÖBB (Österreichische Bundesbahnen) – Austria, SBB (Swiss Federal Railways) – Switzerland, NS (Nederlandse Spoorwegen) – Netherlands, CD (České dráhy) – Czech Republic, PKP Intercity – Poland, SJ (Statens Järnvägar) – Sweden, VR Group – Finland, Eurostar – Operating international high-speed rail services (France, Belgium, UK), Thalys – (France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany), Eurostar Italia – Italy, East Coast Trains – UK, Hull Trains – UK, Eurostar Brussels-Amsterdam – (Belgium, Netherlands), Lyria – (France, Switzerland), CrossCountry Trains – UK, Northern Trains – UK, South Western Railway – UK, TfL Rail – UK, Greater Anglia – UK, TransPennine Express – UK, ScotRail – UK,Caledonian Sleeper – UK, Grand Central – UK, West Midlands Trains – UK, MTR Elizabeth Line (TfL Rail) – UK, c2c (Trenitalia) – UK

Amtrak – United States,VIA Rail Canada – Canada, Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) – New York, New Jersey Transit (NJ Transit) – New Jersey, SEPTA (Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority) – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, MBTA (Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority) – Boston, Massachusetts, Metra – Chicago, Illinois, BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) – San Francisco, California,Caltrain – San Francisco, California, Metrolink – Southern California, BNSF Railway: Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway, Union Pacific RailroadCSX TransportationNorfolk Southern RailwayCanadian National Railway (CNR) – Canada, Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR)

| Showcase Your Products, Technologies & Solutions In This Year’s Webinar Series?

  • Relevant Audience: Gain exposure to a highly targeted audience of professionals specializing in EN 45545-3 compliance, including rolling stock safety engineers, fire safety experts, materials scientists, and compliance specialists.
  • Engage Industry Experts: Connect with the individuals directly responsible for ensuring rolling stock safety and compliance, providing a unique opportunity to engage with decision-makers.
  • Highlight EN 45545-3 Solutions: Showcase your products and technologies tailored to meet the rigorous requirements of EN 45545-3, demonstrating your commitment to fire safety in rolling stock.
  • Innovation Recognition: Position your brand as an innovative leader in the rolling stock industry by presenting your solutions in the context of EN 45545-3.
  • Problem-Solution Alignment: Address the specific needs and challenges faced by this niche audience, offering tailored solutions that directly impact their work.
  • B2B Connections: Build valuable business-to-business relationships with experts who require products and services that align with EN 45545-3 standards.
  • Thought Leadership: Establish your company as a thought leader within the EN 45545-3 compliance space, enhancing your reputation among industry professionals.
  • Growth Opportunities: Identify potential partners and clients within this specialized field, opening doors to collaborative projects and business growth.