Fire Resistance Of Intumescent Materials For Rolling Stock: EN 45545-3

Markus Dziuba, Senior Sales Manager, ZAPP-ZIMMERMANN GmbH.
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  • General requirements according to EN 45545-3
  • Specific requirements according to EN 45545-3
  • Intumescent materials for fire stopping
  • Fire testing at certified laboratories
  • ZZ® Products in fire testing

Rolling Stock Fire Safety & Protection Innovation 2023

TechTalk Webinar Series 

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Fri. 8 Dec
9:00 (CET) OnDemand

Fire Properties of Upholstery and Fire Resistance of the Complete Passenger Seat

  • laboratory tests of fire properties of complete railway seats and upholstery systems used for their construction
  • Requirement for fire behaviours of materials and components
  • Heat release, smoke production and mass loss rate
  • The Influence of the Ignition Source on Passenger Seat Burning
Fri. 8 Dec
11:00 (CET) OnDemand

Heavy Duty Fire Detection & Extinguishing Systems For The Safety Of Tunnelling Projects

Paul Van Trigt, CEO, Aero-X AG
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  • Why is fire safety so important in tunnelling projects
  • What are the system requirements in tunnelling projects
  • How can Aero-X support mitigating the risks in the tunnelling projects
  • Aero-X heavy duty fire detection and suppression systems
  • Aerosol fire suppression design, installation, maintenance.
Fri. 8 Dec
13:00 (CET) OnDemand

Fire Fighting for Railway Vehicles, Tunnels and Metro Stations

  • Advanced Water Mist Fire Protection Systems
  • Design and application of high-pressure water mist sprinkler systems
  • The protection of rolling stock presents specific challenges for fire fighting. The fire must be rapidly brought under control to allow for the evacuation of passengers and crew, and the continuation of operation must be guaranteed, all within the spatial and weight confines of a railway vehicle moving at high speeds.
Fri. 8 Dec
15:00 (CET) OnDemand

Designing The Future Of Post-Covid Rail Interiors

  • Perspective on the post-pandemic rail landscape
  • What will future carriages look like following the coronavirus outbreak, and the changes we can expect to see on the fabrics within them?
  • How to adapt to new customer requirements
  • Flammability standards and aesthetic preferences are continuously changing, and, as a result textiles have to meet new demands
  • Move towards ‘wipe clean’ seating covers, with hard plastic, vinyl and polyurethanes becoming the preferred choice?
  • What are the trends in the fabrics sector?
  • Are customers changing what they’re asking for, a greater focus on sustainability?
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EN45545 Implications and Options for Rail Component Manufacturers: Achieving HL3 With Cellbond™ Phenolic Resins

  • Using intumescent gelcoats and polyester resins with flame retardant fillers
  • Polyester resins filled with flame retardants
  • Polyester resins filled with flame retardants
  • Achieving HL3 in a cost effective manner
  • Fire, smoke and toxicity performance
  • Processability: Ease of use for consistent quality
  • Safety: Mechanical performance under fire
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Rail Industry Adhesives And Sealants For Safety And Comfort

  • Safety, comfort, durability and efficiency are key factors in manufacturing railway vehicles such as trains, trams and underground trains.
  • Among other materials, adhesives and sealants play a crucial role in the production process and finished product.
  • Sealants and adhesives for rail transport are used in the interiors and exteriors of rail vehicles throughout their lifecycle from design and production to field service and maintenance.
  • Specialist rail industry silicones, MS polymers, contact adhesives and 2K polyurethanes
  • Sealant and adhesive materials for rail exterior
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Fire Protection Coatings For Rolling Stock

  • Fire protection coatings for Rolling Stock: Designing to widthstand the highest climatic and mechanical loads
  • Fire Protection Coatings – stop the spread of fire and increase the evacuation time for passengers
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Sustainable Materials For Railway Interior

  • Where are we at the moment and how can we improve on sustainability
  • Eco-Design: A Pathway towards sustainable mobility
  • Improve sustainability, safety, lightweighting and manufacturing efficiencies


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