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During these unprecedented and challenging times, WeRail Group continues to support and engage meaningfully with the global Rail Operator, Manufacturing and Asset Management community. WeRail Group has established a worldwide leading position in delivering content lead conferences and events for the rail sector, combining its entire knowhow especially in the areas of rolling stock and infrastructure, to curate multiple series of both live and on-demand technical webinars for our 60,000 direct subscribers and wider global rail community. Whilst across the industry physical meetings have been cancelled, we are committed to continuing to present information and technologies that address the challenges and key opportunities for transforming rail, via direct, effective and convenient digital channels.

Despite the current situation which has impacted rail greatly, the industry must still focus on achieving more to continue its advancement; rail’s challenges are ever-changing.  We believe that physical distancing does not have to mean social distancing, and invite yourself and your peers to be active members of our information and knowledge sharing, professional rail communities.

Host A Webinar

If you would like to present your solutions or technologies directly to our exclusive global rail maintenance community as a feature of this year Digital Rail Maintenance Webinar Series’ then please email us and we can tell you more about some of the innovative things we are doing very successfully, to keep the industry connected. If your company has the solutions to help Infrastructure Managers and Train Operators improve their maintenance programs achieve optimum operability, reliability and reduce maintenance costs, we want to hear from you

Rolling Stock Key Themes

Optimising Rolling Stock Asset Management With Advanced Predictive Maintenance Solutions, Data Set Analysis, IoT & Industry 4.0: How To Collect And Maximise Value From Massive Data Sets From Every Aspect Of Your Operation To Reduce Cost, Minimise Downtime, Increase Capacity and Improve Services.

  • Digitalisation and Smart Maintenance: The disruptive business model for digital railways
  • Condition Based Maintenance + Remote Condition Monitoring
  • Effectively deploying IoT data for Predictive Maintenance
  • How IoT technology will bring advancements in data collection and analysis
  • Optimising maintenance and operation planning through enhanced asset management
  • Harvesting big data to reduce operational cost & increase profitability
  • Preventative failure prediction
  • Digitalisation And Smart Maintenance
  • The use of Data to optimize availability of critical assets
  • Improving Operational Profitability Through Fleet Condition Monitoring
  • Discover what tools are available and what are their different capabilities

Track & Infrastructure Key Themes

Digitalization to bring better track and asset availability: Smart Maintenance To Improve service reliability, cost, efficiency and maintenance practice.


  • Reduce downtime as a result of maintenance activities
  • Limit failures and unplanned maintenance
  • The evolution from reactive maintenance to an advanced predictive model
  • New technology application show case
  • Digitally analysis switches & crossings
  • Continuous Network Monitoring: Predictive Maintenance and Data Utilisation
  • Unmanned Diagnostic Systems for Track Inspection:
  • Processing their results
  • Increasing Network Capacity – Shortening Time Required To Perform Monitoring & Maintenance Activities
  • Advanced, Solution Empowered Railway Asset Management
  • Artificial Intelligence Integration
  • Technology To Support Your Infrastructure Asset Management
  • Fixed Asset Monitoring
  • Dynamic Measurement
  • Automated Inspection Techniques
  • Maintenance Delivery and Reliability

Our Clients

Directors of Maintenance, Directors of Asset Management, Head of Technology, Directors of Operations, Heads of Remote Diagnostics, Directors of IT & Strategy, Chief Information Officers, Heads of Data & Analytics, Directors of Procurement, Heads of Rolling Stock, Infrastructure Asset Managers, Chief Technology Officers, Directors of Infrastructure, Heads of Smart Maintenance, Chief Innovation and Digital Officer, Managers of Asset Information, Directors od Data Intelligence, Chief Information Officers, Managing Directors, General Managers, Heads of Smart Maintenance, CMO, Infrastructure Managers, Director of technology and Innovation, Managers of Asset Information, Consultants – Data and Digitalisation, CMO, Head of Data and Analytics, Chief Innovation & Digital Officer, CEO’s, Heads of Enterprise Architecture, Directors of Rolling Stock Engineering & Maintenance, Maintenance Planning and Control, Directors of Technology and Innovation, Chief Technology Officer, Data Scientists, Manager of Asset Information

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