Rolling Stock 4.0 TechTalk Webinar Series 2022

Optimising Rolling Stock Asset Management With Advanced IoT, BIG Data And Predictive Maintenance

Dedicated To Delivering The Rolling Stock Maintenance Sectors Best Content-Lead, Train Operator Driven, Technical Discussions For Chief Maintenance Engineers, Solution Providers & Technologists. The Industries Pioneering Webinar Series Is Back This June Addressing Critical Issues, Strategies And Technologies That Are Shaping The Future Of Digitalized Maintenance.


  • Optimising Smart Data Through harnessing the IoT for cost efficient predictive maintenance & fully optimised asset management
  • Maximising The Benefits of Big Data For Asset Management Using Digital Twins
  • How To Mitigate The Big Data Cyber Security Risk
  • Data-Driven Lifecycle Optimisation
  • Digital Asset Management For Rail Systems – A Holistic Approach For Improved Asset Performance
  • How Can The Latest Innovations Drive The Reduction Of Rolling Stock Maintenance Costs
  • Combining Condition and Prediction Based Maintenance Regime To Deliver Success – Delivering Results On Cost Reduction, Fleet Reliability & Efficiency
  • Vehicle Monitoring Vehicles – Predictive Methods From Vehicles Systems Diagnostic Data
  • Turning Data Into Actions To Improve The Efficiency Of Operations And Maintenance Execution, Innovative Dynamic Maintenance Planning Programme: Leveraging ‘Big Data & IoT To Innovate Rolling Stock Maintenance
  • On-board Real Time Data & Metrics, High Level Dashboards And Alerts To Monitor Operational Performance For Informed Operational And Strategic Decisions
  • Utilising The Data From Sensors That Are Already Installed In The Vehicle Subsystems; Pressure, Temperature And Acceleration Sensors
  • Automated Visual Inspection: Data Insight for Greater Vision
  • Maximising The Benefits Of Big Data For Asset Management
  • How Can We Measure The Benefits Of Digitalisation Within The Railway Industry?
  • How Wayside Is Being Used: Bogie Condition Monitoring
  • Is Your Workshop Already Digital? How To Make The Most Of Integrated Rolling Stock Maintenance
  • Wheelset Management Using Accurate Realtime Information
  • Successfully Implementing Lean & Cost-Effective Predictive Maintenance Strategies Simultaneously
  • Best Practice Application Of Condition Based Maintenance & Making Better Use Of Existing Technology 
  • How Digitalisation Is Essential To Strengthening The Sustainability-Related Assets Of Rail
  • Optimising Rolling Stock Asset Management With Advanced Predictive Maintenance Solutions, Data Set Analysis, IoT & Industry 4.0
  • Collision Avoidance Systems: Environment
  • Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) For Railway Monitoring Observation Technology






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Rolling Stock 4.0 & Track & Infrastructure 4.0 Webinar Sessions  

How Wayside Is Being Used: Case Study By VLI S.A. Of Bogie Condition Monitoring

Prescriptive Analytics & Industrial AI In Railways: A Maintenance As A Service Approach

The Key Cost-Effective Maintenance Initiatives That Deliver Value For Money & Extended Asset Life

Is Your Workshop Already Digital? How To Make The Most Of Integrated Rolling Stock Maintenance

Self-Learning AI For Unified Protection Of IT & OT In Rail Systems

How Can The Latest Innovations Drive The Reduction Of Rolling Stock Maintenance Costs

The Critical Dos And Don’ts In A High Quality Data Driven Transformation In Rail: Case Study Rotterdam Metros & Trams; Digitalisation & IoT Journey

Wheelset Management Using Accurate Realtime Information – More Life for Less Work!

Rolling Stock Maintenance: Identifying The Key Steps For CBM Implementation

How On-board IoT Solutions Can Improve ROI & Safety Of Rolling Stock

Depot Planning & Refurbishment To Incorporate New Technology – Real-Time Robotized Maintenance of Wheelsets

Convergence Of AI, 5G AND LiDAR For Digital Twins In Rail

Rail Digital Twins For Rolling Stock Maintenance Analytics: An Industrial AI approach

Reducing Maintenance Cost & Failures With Successful Predictive Maintenance

Monitoring Of Driveline Components & Inboard Bearings With RailBAM-IB

How Wayside Condition Monitoring Is Becoming More Intelligent

Diagnostic & Monitoring Technologies For Rail Infrastructure

Big Data Strategy For Track & Asset Maintenance

We Won The Finnish Commuter Rail Tender: How Did We Do It? Key Factors For Winning The Helsinki Regional Transport Tender: What Issues Need To Be Taken Into Account As A Fleet Maintainer

Digital Maintenance As A Game Changer – Is There a Future For Data-Driven Maintenance?

Digital Future Of Infrastructure Maintenance – Pros & Cons Of Different Solutions

Adopting Model-Based Systems Engineering For Rolling Stock Development

Passenger Experience Design

The TBOGI-TR System: Transit & Metro

CAF Digital Depot

Tyre Exchange Station Of Tyred Wheel Mounted On An Inboard Bearings Passenger Car Bogie

VORTEX IOT Explaining Rodio

Diagnostic & Monitoring Technologies For Infrastructure Image Video