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How Wayside Is Being Used: Case Study By VLI S.A. Of Bogie Condition Monitoring

Prescriptive Analytics & Industrial AI In Railways: A Maintenance As A Service Approach

The Key Cost Effective Maintenance Initiatives That Deliver Value For Money & Extended Asset Life

Is Your Workshop Already Digital? How To Make The Most Of Integrated Rolling Stock Maintenance

How Can The Latest Innovations Drive The Reduction Of Rolling Stock Maintenance Costs

The Critical Dos And Don’ts In A High Quality Data Driven Transformation In Rail: Case Study Rotterdam Metros & Trams; Digitalisation & IoT Journey

Self-Learning AI For Unified Protection Of IT & OT In Rail Systems

Wheelset Management Using Accurate Realtime Information – More Life For Less Work!

Call For Expert

Optimising Rolling Stock Asset Management With Advanced Predictive Maintenance Solutions, Data Set Analysis, IoT & Industry 4.0

  • How To Collect And Maximise Value From Massive Data Sets From Every Aspect Of Your Operation To Reduce Cost, Minimise Downtime, Increase Capacity and Improve Services
  • Effectively deploying IoT data for Predictive Maintenance
  • Harvesting big data to reduce operational cost & increase profitability

How Digitalisation Is Essential To Strengthening The Sustainability-Related Assets Of Rail

  • A Digital Decarbonisation Plan
  • Energy harvesting technologies used in railways
  • How can we measure the benefits of digitalisation within the railway industry?
  • Using digital twins concepts to drive a sustainable railway

Improving Performance Through Smart Data Use

  • Why a solid data and information architecture is important to support IoT and Big Data for your enterprise
  • Effectively deploying Predictive Maintenance
  • Big data systems architecture and functions
  • Separating meaningful data from the mass of data collected by sensors.


Optimising Rolling Stock Asset Management With Advanced Predictive Maintenance Solutions, Data Set Analysis, IoT & Industry 4.0

  • Automated inspection and data gathering technologies
  • Up-Skilling and changing the way the workforce engages with digitalization & analytics
  • How to improve the team collaboration thanks to the use of a common data environment

Vehicle Monitoring Vehicles – Predictive Methods From Vehicles Systems Diagnostic Data

  • Vehicles Monitoring Themselves
  • Vehicle Maintenance Regimes
  • Smart Maintenance Using Artificial Intelligence
  • Building Recurrent Neural Networks to Predict Failure Events
  • Intelligent Fleet Maintenance Scheduling

Turning Data Into Actions To Improve The Efficiency Of Operations And Maintenance Execution, Innovative Dynamic Maintenance Planning Programme

  • From real time asset monitoring towards dynamic data and operations

Leveraging ‘Big Data & IoT To Innovate Rolling Stock Maintenance

  • What is ‘Big Data’, IoT & Industry 4.0?
  • Why and how is ‘Big Data’ and IOT transferable
  • Outlining the ambitions of “Big Data, IoT and 4.0
  • Identifying the unknown data – data you did not know existed
  • Identifying the areas and opportunities for financial gain
  • Effective planning and control of maintenance tasks
  • Real time monitoring of asset health
  • Creating value by digitalising train operations
  • SaaS ‘Software as a Service Business Model

Depot Planning & Refurbishment To Incorporate New Technology – Real-Time Robotized Maintenance of Wheelsets

  • How to decouple wheelset maintenance from bogie maintenance
  • Automation of wheel maintenance by robotics
  • Reducing time, workforce and errors in wheelsets routine maintenance
  • Inboard bearings bogies and innovative wheel design: the key to success
  • A glance to advanced solutions on wheelsets and bogie frames/suspensions
  • Development and co-operation scenarios

On-board Real Time Data & Metrics, High Level Dashboards And Alerts To Monitor Operational Performance For Informed Operational And Strategic Decisions

  • Self-powered, wireless remote condition monitoring systems
  • How to get access to the asset information without impacting your unit availability
  • Minimise downtime and cost, improve asset usage and reliability and improve the safety
  • Achieving real and measurable value through optimised efficiency, improved safety, maximized productivity, increased profitability and customer experience

Utilising The Data From Sensors That Are Already Installed In The Vehicle Subsystems; Pressure, Temperature And Acceleration Sensors

Collision Avoidance Systems: Environment Observation Technology

Advanced Analytics for Streamlined Operations Post-Covid

  • Tracking vehicles across networks and processing the data using analytics
  • IoT to check the flow of passengers—those waiting at the stations, traveling in each train coach, and the times when the passenger flow is the highest
  • Optimization of travel schedules as per commuters’ needs and demands

Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) For Railway Monitoring

  • The system of DAS allows both monitoring of rolling stock and state track components: the DAS system can completely control the railways and surrounding area
  • Using DAS to predict unforeseen events that are difficult to detect but are recognized reliably
  • Tracking systems for the movement of trains, monitoring the track and rolling stock, as well as in the protection of railway infrastructure
  • DAS application in the railway infrastructure performed with existing resources
  • Combining several acoustic sensing sets into a single system to control longer tracks

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