Track & Infrastructure 4.0 Webinar Series

Digitalization To Bring Better Track And Asset Availability

The industries pioneering webinar series is back, this October addressing Smart Maintenance To Improve service reliability, cost, efficiency and maintenance practice.

  • Reduce downtime as a result of maintenance activities
  • Limit failures and unplanned maintenance
  • The evolution from reactive maintenance to an advanced predictive model
  • New technology application show case
  • Digitally analysis switches & crossings
  • Continuous Network Monitoring: Predictive Maintenance and Data Utilisation
  • Unmanned Diagnostic Systems for Track Inspection
  • Increasing Network Capacity – Shortening Time Required To Perform Monitoring & Maintenance Activities
  • Advanced, Solution Empowered Railway Asset Management
  • Artificial Intelligence Integration
  • Technology To Support Your Infrastructure Asset Management

TechTalks: Track & Infrastructure Maintenance IoT & Digitalization 2021

Featured Webinars

Reimagine The Future Of Rail & Transit Maintenance To Improve Safety & Reliability


18:00 CET | 12PM (ET)

  • How to optimize rail and transit maintenance using the latest rapidly deployed linear analytics.
  • Strategies to predict and validate future key maintenance and renewal decisions with predictive technology.
  • Realize a faster return on investment and maintain rail linear assets—now and in the future.
  • How to move towards condition based maintenance to optimize rail asset conditions and improve service, safety and reliability.

Andrew Smith, Rail Portfolio Manager, Bentley

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Why Digital Twin Helps Digital Asset Management


15:00 CET | OnDemand

  • What are the concepts behind digital twin
  • How do digital asset management, reality capture and BIM contribute to the digital twin
  • What technology challenges needs to be solved and what is feasible today
  • Discuss real-world projects and state-of-the-art approaches and technologies
  • How can digital asset management benefit from the digital twin

Dr. Uwe Jasnoch, Director EMEA Government & Transportation, Hexagon

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Remote Geotechnical Monitoring of Railtrack Surroundings Stability


17:00 CET | OnDemand

  • How to monitor embankment slippage, retaining wall inclination and cracks, tunnel convergence and rock fall – WIRELESSLY
  • Learn how to perform remote and real-time monitoring of the areas and infrastructure surrounding rail tracks
  • Geotechnical monitoring challenges – Stability of surrounding areas (embankment slippage, rock fall, surrounding infrastructure, tunnel convergence)
  • IoT Remote monitoring of rail infrastructures
  • Wireless technologies overview
  • LoRa Star network architecture
  • Monitoring parameters and solutions
  • A sample use case from an actual project deployment

Matt Azzopardi, Sales Manager UK, Worldsensing

Angela Lluch, Application Engineer, Worldsensing

Tim Clegg, Commercial Manager, Geosense

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In-Service Monitoring Strategies And Implementation


11:00 CET | OnDemand

  • The goal and benefits of in-service monitoring
  • Maintenance and monitoring strategies
  • What is needed for successful implementation?
  • Collaboration framework: supplier, operator, owner
  • What is possible now?
  • What is possible in the future?

Colin Smith McGloin, Product Manager, Unipart Rail (part of Unipart Rail)

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A Real Time Asset Monitoring System For Rail


13:00 CET | OnDemand

  • Boosting the travellers ability to remain digitally connected
  • The change towards eco-friendly, energy efficient spaces
  • Identifying the demands of tomorrows passengers
  • The growing importance of automation at stations and smart IT solutions
  • Centrally monitoring and assessing the current situation and initiating appropriate measures in case of an incident: Security and safety
  • Intelligent tools are required that can detect and evaluate situations based on sensor information.
  • Contactless transit stations: A cashless touchless environment
  • Optimising the delivery of telecommunications and telephony services, WiFi, 4G, 5G

Track & Infrastructure 4.0 Webinar Series

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