Track & Infrastructure 4.0 Webinar Series

Digitalization To Bring Better Track And Asset Availability

The industries pioneering webinar series is back, this October addressing Smart Maintenance To Improve service reliability, cost, efficiency and maintenance practice.

  • Reduce downtime as a result of maintenance activities
  • Limit failures and unplanned maintenance
  • The evolution from reactive maintenance to an advanced predictive model
  • New technology application show case
  • Digitally analysis switches & crossings
  • Continuous Network Monitoring: Predictive Maintenance and Data Utilisation
  • Unmanned Diagnostic Systems for Track Inspection
  • Increasing Network Capacity – Shortening Time Required To Perform Monitoring & Maintenance Activities
  • Advanced, Solution Empowered Railway Asset Management
  • Artificial Intelligence Integration
  • Technology To Support Your Infrastructure Asset Management

Featured Webinar

7 JUNE, 3 PM (CEST) 

Mobile Assistance Systems In Railway Maintenance

Christian Krauß, International Sales Manager, Zedas
Krzysztof Łukasikv, Digitization of Railway Processes – Rolling Stock and Infrastructure Service Management, Zedas
The maintenance of rail vehicles represents a high cost factor in the rail industry. In addition, railway workshops, train attendants and mobile service teams are often confronted with a high need for coordination, paper-based maintenance documentation, media disruptions and a lack of data consistency in their daily work. The digitalisation of maintenance shortens downtimes, reduces the risk of breakdowns and lowers costs. Clever assistance systems and mobile apps for maintenance significantly facilitate the handling of maintenance measures.
ZEDAS uses various use cases from practice (e.g. fault detection, component replacement and others) to show how mobile assistance systems can provide extended support in the maintenance process. Persons responsible for maintenance are thus optimally equipped for the planning and implementation of maintenance measures.
Challenge in railway maintenance
  • Time-consuming recording on paper
  • Media discontinuity and increased error rate due to transfer to the maintenance system
  • High need for coordination
  • Lack of data consistency
During the webinar, we will delve deeper into these challenges and show how mobile assistance systems help to overcome them successfully.
Key Learnings in the Webinar:
    • How digital assistance systems provide enhanced support in the maintenance process
    • How manual efforts can be reduced
    • How to build an efficient digital process chain
    • How to save time through one-time, digital documentation

Track & Infrastructure 4.0 Webinar Series

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